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About Me



Exercise smarter. Feel better. Live longer.

I am 34 years old from a small village called Kiwumuro in Kyengera. Another thing is I'm one-eyed and that inspires me to show people that disability is not inability. You can be disabled but still do amazing things able-bodied people cannot do. I am a graduate of Mass Communication. I am also a professional fitness trainer with a diploma from Australia

I started Caldwell Fitness because of the urgent need for people to work out and change their lifestyle to healthier ways. And more so connect fitness to tourism as our tagline strongly emphasizes.

The Area of My Expertise

I am also intrigued in fitness because of the many great things it has brought to me. It became a lifestyle that saved me from a lot and I wanna share it with others and help them achieve the greatness in fitness.

The creativity and art ive added in fitness adventures such as aerobics, taebo, Hit cardio and HIIT workouts also gives me more energy to stay fit.

Running 90%
Nutrition 97%
Gym 85%

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