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Kannyeke Kenneth

Caldwell fitness and Wellness LTD is one of the most credible fitness and wellness brands in Uganda. Coming to existence a year ago, the CEO, Kannyeke Kenneth and Caldwell fitness team have embarked on promoting a health living among the society. Kannyeke, an ultra athlete and a fitness trainer has for many years been a pillar in motivating and inspiring many people across and outside Uganda, he made an extra step to build a formidable fitness brand too.

With a number of fitness feats and concepts such as aerobics, HIIT and HIT workouts, Hit cardio, taebo, core and strength training not forgetting flexibilities and nutrition, among others, Caldwell is committed to meet the healthy goals of it’s clients and provide beat from better.

Moreso, with a diet of mobile fitness classes, boot camps and lots of fitness trips across the country, Caldwell will reach further to even the unexpected and also go beyond boundaries.

‘Where travel meets fitness’ is Caldwell fitness tagline, we have enthusiasm in promoting Uganda’s tourism potentials. With this, as we also believe in our our untapped tourism potentials, Caldwell will be a great pillar in promoting domestic tourism by connecting it to fitness and wellness.

On 27th November 2021, is the official date for the launch of this fitness oriented brand. Meeting at Kabojja Junior school at Acaacia avenue, there will be lots of fitness activities, such as aerobics, walkathon, fitness dances, obstacle challenges and many more. According to the CEO Caldwell Fitness, this will be the official birth of a great future for healthy societies. Tickets are at 10,000 Uganda shillings and comes with health refreshments or post workout treats. It is going to be today, tomorrow and forever that we shall stay healthy and free from fitness related scourges such as diabetes. It’s a start of a great journey.

Special thanks to our partners; Olives Expeditions LTD, Fledge Media, Kabojja Junior School, Kabojja Healthy Club, Supa Duuka/Tasty suggestions Bakery, Vvimba records, Sukie Juice, and the entire family of Tulambule Uganda, together with them, we can build a health society.


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